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DIY Waterfall Chandelier

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

I took my dated light fixture and stripped it down for a $40 transformation. The upgrade took it from the early 2000s to trendy now! (Affiliate links)


- Spool of chain (I used 4 spools)

- Wire cutter

- Spray Paint I used this one

- Floral Wire (got from dollar tree)

- Wreath frame (dollar tree)

- Glass cylinders (found on Marketplace, but that was luck) you can buy here if you can't find any second hand

- Hot glue and hot glue gun (your local hardware store or online)

How it all began. I couldn’t look at this fixture another day it had to be upgraded.

Bare bones First it took off all of the old glass and ... well, tossed it. I found these cylinders on FB marketplace for $10. Kind of lucky here but you can also find them on amazon.

Creating the bottom shade I got a wreath form from the dollar tree and snipped it down With wire snips to just a circle to use as a frame. The spool of chain is from amazon and you can basically get any color that you want.I cut each chain the length I wanted as it drapes over the wreath frame. After the chain is cut to the length you need you can secure to the wreath frame:

- Grab about 1-2 inches worth of chain (width) and drape over your finger

- Line hot glue in a 1-2 inch section of the wreath frame

- Transfer the chain from your finger onto the hot glue

- Repeat until all of the way around

Paint the skeleton clean and scuff up the frame of the fixture. I used 80 grit sand paper to scuff it. Then prime and paint the color that you want! I used Rust O leum in dark bronze spray paint.

Secure the shade I’m using floral wire from the dollar tree. Wrap the wire through the frame a couple of times and twist and tie to secure it in place nice and tight. For the initial attachment point I used a soup can to prop up the frame so I could work with two hands.

I added some paint touch ups because the wire was blue.

Final look! All lit up and fabulous!

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