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Nightstand Makeover

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

My sister just moved in to a new house and her daughter is getting some new furniture. So naturally I step in. She's very feminine and whimsical so I had some ideas.


- Sander (I love my random orbital by Makita... it as stood the test of use and time!)

- Wood filler quick dry (local hardware store or online)

- Paint (I used Blush Pink chalk paint and I can't remember which white brand I used)

- Top coat! (I used General Finishes High Performance in Semi Gloss)

- Image Transfers (I used Prima Redisgn on this project)

I found this beautifully detailed nightstand listed for free on Facebook marketplace. I started the project by giving in a good cleaning and sanding with 100 grit working up to 220.

I went through and filled in all of the holes and dings and the original pull hole with quick drying wood filler. I knew I was going to be painting so this does not need to be stain able.

This step is probably the most important step to make this project look clean and finished. Sand, sand, sand those filler spots smooth! Recruiting help is highly recommended ;)

This isn't exactly my go to primer (I'm not going to link because i don't love it), but I had it around and I don't know what else I would use it for. The weather was nice, so I decided that this will do just fine for priming.

Spray it on evenly. I laid a tarp down to protect my driveway. You could do this in the grass, but wouldn't guarantee entire coverage on the legs.

A little bit of pink and white paint. Some distressing. Some floral transfers and we have ourselves an adorable little side table. This one particularly calls home to a little girl that I call my niece :)

Sealed with poly for long lasting beauty :)

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