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Faux Marble Flame Technique

A friend of mine told me about this technique using a flame to paint marbl lIke veins. Whenever I want to try something new I always do it on something that I am either going to keep or a friend of mine who’s willing to volunteer a piece of furniture. It’s so cool quick and easy to get a full marble look. I will definitely keep playing with this technique to perfect it especially for a more subtle look and other pieces. Check it out!

This is what I was working with, the finish was already starting to flake off so I gave the entire thing a good sanding. Some places I had to use Citri Strip to get to the bare wood.

I love using General Finishes Stain Blocker for white. This one took two coats to really hide all of the bleeding. I used a dark stain on the legs.

And now we paint with soot! Get yourself a candle stick and a fork. Notice when you put the fork in the flame the smoke turns black. This is how we will paint our marble.

The first thing I did was flip the table upside down using sawhorses and a sturdy board. Then position underneath and keep the flame at least 3 inches away from touching the table. You will notice pulling the candle further away and getting it a little closer will change how black the markings appear on the surface.

And then just drag it around and tell your design looks like what you want.

Here’s mine! This was my first attempt and there are some things I want to try to make different final results ... but other than that it’s pretty cool! Also, so quick and so easy.

Here’s the final look!

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