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About CCRose

How the reimagining journey began


Hi, I'm Amanda. CCRose is a place for DIY inspiration, small business shopping, and budget home decor ideas. I encourage shopping from other furniture artists and thrifting whenever possible. The namesake belongs to my children.

It all started when my husband Jon and I decided to buy a bigger house as our family was growing. We took almost everything with us from our old house, but it barely filled the new house! Furniture is not cheap... neither is raising children! So I started finding solid pieces of furniture that people were giving away and bought some paint... and well CCRose was born in 2015 along with our second daughter.

The process of bringing an old piece of the past back to life got me hooked. As our new house filled up with beautifully unique pieces of furniture and decor I decided that I was not done.  The next step for me was to start a side business of customizing furniture by request and/or giving quality pieces a makeover and selling them on classifieds and Etsy.

I am a full time Elementary School Counselor in St. Paul, MN. I am veteran of the United States Marine Corps. This project has given me much needed creative release as well as the satisfaction of seeing something from start to finish. I hope that you can find inspiration in creating your home this way.

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